Get your own encrypted instant messaging & video conferencing server

Are you looking for a secure way to communicate with your team, clients, community or friends?

The problem with mainstream solutions

Services like Skype, Slack, Discord, or Zoom have made instant messaging and conference calls easier than ever and cheap or even free in some cases.

Nothing is free of course. You pay with your privacy.

By using those services, you store all your conversations on their server, without knowing how secure they are.

No matter how secure they are, eventually someone will hack them and steal your data, or they can sell your data to third parties for advertising.

If you care about privacy and data security, you should replace those proprietary walled garden instant messaging services with Matrix.

What is Matrix?

Matrix is an open standard for real-time communication.

It’s an open source alternative to commercial solutions like Slack or Discord. Unlike those solutions it can be self-hosted and it’s federated.

Synapse is Matrix’s reference server implementation.

Your users can connect to your Matrix server using the client of their choice. Your server stores all their chat history and account information.

Riot is the best Matrix client. Users can install it as an app on their phones, or you can install it on your server to provide a web UI your users can use from their browsers.

Jitsi is video conferencing software. It can be used stand-alone or be integrated with Matrix to give it video conferencing capabilities.

End-to-End Encryption

Matrix gives you the option to use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to ensure that only the intended recipients can ever decrypt your messages. Not even the server can decrypt messages in encrypted rooms, because it doesn’t have the decryption keys.

Matrix’s encryption algorithm is based on the Double Ratchet Algorithm popularised by Signal and has been audited by the NCC Group.

Video conference calls are not E2EE because the server has the decryption keys, but since you own the server communication is secure.

How this service works

I will deliver a working Matrix instance. If your domain name is, your users will be able to signup or login to your Matrix instance by visiting or a subdomain of your choice.

I will install and configure on 1 server (VPS or dedicated) the following:

In order for those to function properly I will also install and configure on the same server:

I can configure Exim to send emails directly from your server, but you will probably have issues with deliverability that way. For better results, I can configure Exim to send emails through an SMTP relay of your choice (e.g. SendGrid, SendInBlue).

Please note:

OS: Debian 9+ (Stretch or Buster), Ubuntu 16.04+
RAM: 2GB (8GB for Jitsi)
CPU: 2 cores (4+ cores for Jitsi depending on the number of participants in calls)


Installation & configuration

Synapse + Riot Synapse + Riot + Jitsi
  • Text messages
  • Image messages
  • File sharing
  • One-to-one voice calls
additional features:
  • Video conference calls
$120 $140


Synapse + Riot Synapse + Riot + Jitsi
$60 per month $60 per month

Includes: regular updates, daily offsite backups, uptime monitoring, security monitoring.

No contract. You can stop maintenance at any time and your server will continue functioning. There is no lock-in.